Love Has Time

May 14, 2017 — 1 minute read

Routine is a good thing. My morning routine is packed with reading, writing, running, then, getting myself and my son ready for the day.

I found myself 10 minutes behind schedule one morning. I just finished buckling up my toddler in the car when he said: “I’m thirsty.”  If I decided to go back inside to get his drink, it would make me even later.

Love takes the slow path sometimes. As I discover more about being a loving person, I am learning to slow down. This usually means unexpectedly changing up my routine.

The smartphone ‘live wallpaper’ shown below is something I’ve used to remind myself to give more of my time, even when it’s tough. If you would like to try out the animated ‘live wallpaper’ on your phone email me at with a phone number where I can the image. Or, just download a static wallpaper from the links below.

Download here

Download here